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Senior citizens deserve our utmost respect and the best care possible. However, in a world where proper care is expensive, and resources are spread wafer-thin, it can be difficult to deliver the treatment necessary to ensure optimal quality of life for everyone. That said, elder abuse is prevalent now more than ever, particularly in some care facilities that are lax on ensuring patient safety either out of habit or without intent. In other cases, families themselves can inflict plenty of harm and hardship on elders in their care, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Intensified Risks

If you know of an elder suffering at the hands of a negligent individual, it is critical that you bring them to justice – a much-treasured life may be on the line otherwise. Seniors are the most at-risk individuals in modern society, and this is largely due to pre-existing medical conditions, special needs that must be accommodated for, and frailness that makes them more easily susceptible to serious injuries. Therefore, speaking up and seeking immediate legal action is not just essential, but should also be approached with urgency. It only takes a few missed pills or a hard fall to cause serious injury, to say nothing of social isolation and damage to mental health as a result of the abuse.

Causes of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can be intentional or unintentional, and it typically includes actions that cause physical, mental, financial or sexual harm to an older adult. In many cases, it may also include neglect, such as when an individual or organization fails to provide critical services and care to someone older in need of a helping hand. Elder abuse and neglect can be the result of one isolated incident. More disturbingly, it may be tied to a complex and twisted pattern of mistreatment, which itself can stem from deep psychological trauma or mental instability on behalf of the abusers in question.

How We Can Help

Tierney Stauffer LLP is deeply passionate about helping elders secure safe, comfortable surroundings and the very best of care. However, to achieve that, we need to ensure that negligent individuals are separated from them and that ideal replacement can step in. Your evidence, knowledge of the situation at hand and familiarity with an elder abuser can help us ensure they receive not only appropriate compensation, but that they are protected.

Contact us today to discuss next steps, and let’s help ensure your elder loved ones are happy, healthy, safe and appropriately cared for. It would be our pleasure to assist in that regard.

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