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With the constant movement towards greener communities, we are seeing an increase in the number of people using their bicycles as their main means of transportation. At Tierney Stauffer, with decades of experience in handling motor vehicle accidents, we have seen first-hand how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

While the move towards adding more bike lanes has begun, there are still too few of them on main roadways. A cyclist is considerably slower than motor vehicles sharing the road, adding additional vulnerability in close, fast-moving traffic. They are less visible than other vehicles and have to manoeuvre around road hazards that other vehicles may not be aware of. In addition, many motorists have little to no respect for bicyclists, and neither do pedestrians going about their business. This is why we see many instances when bicyclists are pinned by cars making sharp turns or collisions with individuals on foot not paying close enough attention. Altogether, cycling isn’t taken seriously as a mainstream means of travel, nor is it embraced in many urban environments as much as it ought to be.

Physical, Emotional and Financial Damage

Cyclists who get into accidents, including those caused by the negligence of others, tend to suffer from very serious injuries. This can include multiple broken bones, fractures and even permanent spinal damage affecting their ability to walk. As a result, therapy, extra medical care and long-term recovery may be a factor in some bicycle accidents – it all depends on the speed, impact velocity and how the cyclist’s body interacts with the colliding object or person.

Regardless, such a dramatic incident can cause serious emotional and financial damage as well, not just to the cyclist themselves but also their family, friends and others who come to their aid. Longer recoveries can represent higher costs, and many times, a loss of employment may result from the accident.

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered from a bicycle accident caused by negligence on someone else’s part, you may be entitled to appropriate compensation. Tierney Stauffer has been helping bicyclists regain control of their finances and livelihoods for decades and we believe they have just as much a right as any law-abiding motorist or pedestrian. With the help of our expert personal injury lawyers, your case is in good hands and we are happy to help you reach an ideal outcome. Learn more by contacting us today or booking a free consultation.

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