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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular year-round and can be used for work as well as play. Whether being used by a farmer or on a trail for recreation, these vehicles are an excellent combination of convenience and fun. Riding one can make for a freeing and exciting off-road experience – so long as you obey the rules and follow safe practices.

Dangerous Prospects

Unfortunately, there are instances when ATVs can also be dangerous, and these vehicles have developed a reputation for higher risk of causing severe injuries. This is primarily because ATVs can travel at high speeds, in addition to being prone to flipping and rolling over. The design of these vehicles makes it much harder to control on corners and especially on inclines, and in many instances, ATV drivers have injured or even been killed from the weight of their vehicles turning against them. A popular time to use an ATV is in muddy, slick conditions and on off-road courses, yet many of us are not aware of the impact the environment can have on how these particular vehicles handle.

Understanding Safe Use and Rules of the Off-Road

Another issue is that there is a lack of rules around ATV use, and many people are unaware that these vehicles shouldn’t have more than one person on them at a time. Also, many don’t realize that they aren’t designed for use on paved roads, leading to a higher risk of accidents and subsequent injuries occurring. ATVs are generally unsafe for individuals under eighteen years old, yet they’re commonly operated by younger teenagers and even children. This poses a significant risk of severe injury or worse, both for occupants of the vehicle and those around them. These are machines that can wildly veer out of control if not handled by experienced operators, with a higher potential of spinning out or throwing the driver due to the lack of a seatbelt.

How We Can Help

ATVs are built similarly to motorcycles, representing a near-equal level of danger to those underaged or inexperienced in using them. If you encounter an accident while riding one, it could mean a long and costly road to recovery. Don’t let your livelihood and peace of mind be put at risk as well; the Tierney Stauffer team is here to help you seek appropriate financial restitution.

Whether you’ve been put at risk because of another ATV rider’s negligence or a misinterpretation of the rules despite your best intentions, we have the legal knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in your case. Contact us today for further details or to book a free consultation.

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