I came to Tierney Stauffer when I was involved in a car accident in 2014. My family and I are extremely grateful for all the work Susan Mitchell did for us over the course of years. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of our case and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susan Mitchell or anyone from Tierney Stauffer in the future. – N.L.

I was involved in a MVA 5 ½ years ago. I had no clue what to do after the fact because of my injuries. Someone had referred me to Frank and Lesly to see if they could help me. And I am so greatfull I did. They took everything over, were able to get me all in home support, rehab etc. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. They were always there to answer my questions, time and time again when I couldn’t understand what was happening. Kathy always answering my emails to help me through all the process. They were always upfront and honest about what to expect, and what they could do to help me. If you are looking for an amazing legal team you have found it with them! – C.M.

My family engaged Tierney Stauffer LLP to handle a case of grave assault on my brother over 6 years ago. At a time where my entire family was engrossed in deep grief, this law firm represented by the duo of Susan Mitchell and Lesly Joseph were absolute rock stars. They guided us throughout, avoiding legal pot holes that could mar our case. As the other party tried to cause unnecessary delays, these lawyers persisted, using calculated pressures as the occasion demanded to press forward.

My family and I are extremely grateful and will always recommend these lawyers to anyone for these reasons:

    1. They were always within reach to tackle any questions we had about the case.
    2. Their genuine empathy and understanding of the grief the family was going through…this proved to be extremely important!!!
    3. Resisted in a subtle manner any attempts to prolong the case unnecessarily.
    4. Even after a settlement was reached, their long reach to the officers at Health Canada and other institutions helped us negotiate favourable terms.
    5. Their methodical approach to the entire case gave us a water tight schedule and a good understating of what to expect at each milestone
    6. Finally, both Susan Mitchell and Lesly Joseph exhibited great professionalism throughout the case.


I had a slip and fall injury that resulted me being off work for more than 2 years. Valin Partners Lawyers in North Bay recommended Susan Mitchell to us. Susan travelled to North Bay to meet us and discuss my case. Susan negotiated a settlement with North Bay Township. We found her to be extremely professional and handled things in a timely matter. Both Susan and her staff were always willing to explain things to us. Susan and her staff are 5 star in my books!!!! – W.L.

You have provided sound advice that has resolved our issue. We want to thank all of your staff that have supported us through this affair. Should we need a lawyer in the future you will be first on our list. – R.J. and S.J.

They’re helping me in ways I never thought possible. – J.P.

After surviving a hit and run, Susan Mitchell provided excellent service, thorough explanation and advice, in a professional and timely manner.  The patience and service I received is truly appreciated and made my experience less overwhelming. Tierney Stauffer LLP: A firm worth hiring! – K.A.

They’re helping me in ways I never thought possible. – J.P.

My life was completely and permanently altered after a car accident and a resulting traumatic brain injury. To my surprise my own insurance company tried to break me over and over and over again as did the lawyers for the defendant. Lesly Joseph of TS kept me informed and calmed and reassured me when I was about to give up. She always had time for me as did her paralegal. Lesly guided me through the whole process and obtained settlements for me beyond my expectations. And a huge relief was that I did not have to go to trial. Lesly is smart, competent, personable and I highly recommend her. Thanks Lesly! – K.G.

Cale, I will always be grateful to you for your moral support, your expertise and your professionalism during this long journey. – A.C.

When I first approached the law firm I was a complete and utter mess physically. I truly had no control over events in my life.
THE REGULAR activities of daily living WERE overwhelming. Frank and Rebecca provided reassurance and security. Knowing they were only a phone call away gave me confidence and a relieved feeling because I knew I had their support and was able to focus solely on rehabilitation. As my health improved during rehabilitation, they provided me with more insight into my case. That insight gave me strength and formed the foundation of my settlement. Years later, I see it was truly a team approach. They listened. They understood that the accident did not just affect me but also my family as a whole. I believe the best compliment one can give is a referral. – R.B.

Susan, Donna and Catheryn did an awesome job getting the settlement that I needed after my major car accident. These gals really know what they are doing!! Thanks for explaining things for me, all through the process! – C.C.

I want to thank you personally and thank all the involved Tierney Stauffer staff for the excellent way you helped me after my slip and fall accident. I especially want you to pass on my thanks and gratitude to Cale Harrison. At all times your company’s work was thorough. My options, the probable benefits and any risks were carefully explained. The guidance I received from Cale before discovery and the way Cale protected me and handled the mediation process was beyond my expectations. I am so grateful that the mediation was successful. – B.F.

The law firm was recommended to me at a stage when I was in bad shape following an RTA and at a point where my family and I did not even know what I needed moving forward. Susan Mitchell and her team were very helpful in advising me how to get immediate help and, also, on how to get set up with ongoing care. As such I was able to focus on recovery. When it came time to negotiate for my settlement, they made the process much less stressful than I had expected and were able to get me a generous settlement. I am very satisfied with this law firm. – J.G.

Cale, Thank you for your support to me, especially this last year. I really appreciate you and the work you have put into my case. – K.L.

We will always be grateful for the help and guidance Susan Mitchell gave us after our son was in a car accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and the loss of two of his friends. Susan always explained things to us and him in terms that we understood. At the time we had no idea how much help he would need or where to get it. Again Susan made sure the right care was given to him which, at times, took a lot of work on her behalf. She and Jennifer kept in regular contact with us and always answered our questions. It’s hard enough to go through an experience like this but Susan and Jennifer made our lives a lot easier. – M.R.

When our daughter got hit by a car, we were dealing with the horrific details of how her life was altered. The entire team at Tierney and Stauffer made the situation easier to deal with. Specifically, Jennifer and Susan Mitchell who were a real blessing to our family. They genuinely looked out for my daughter’s best interest. They reached out to her regularly to see how she was doing. They were very comforting to us. All in all, this is a law firm I was really impressed with. They prepared us for every step of the way and that was huge for us. I would recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone.– N.D.

Worked with Frank and Lesly and their team for almost 6 years. They made us feel as though we were their only clients with the level of service and compassion they provided. If we had any questions, we always got our answers promptly. Their ability to work with someone with an invisible disability, and adapting to the persons needs, was amazing. Totally recommend this law firm.– D.C.

I have received excellent advice and service at this Firm. I highly recommend it! – G.B.

After surviving a tragic accident and spending more than three months in the hospital it was a blessing to have Ian Stauffer and his staff looking after all the legalities of my case.  His expertise was invaluable in navigating through the complexity of the insurance system and this allowed me the time to focus on recovering from injuries. The work he and his team did was outstanding and I am filled with gratitude and appreciation on a very successful outcome. I more than highly recommend Ian Stauffer and his whole team. – S.R.

I am very happy with the legal services I received from Mr. Ian Stauffer. My concerns were put to rest when I found Mr. Stauffer. He explained everything that was going to happen and was always responsive to my questions, and concerns. He took the time to explain options so we could weigh the pros and cons of each and come to a conclusion together. We finally settled the case this year and I credit the wonderful outcome to Ian.

I would highly recommend Mr. Ian Stauffer. He is a true professional at all times and knows his way around the personal injury legal system. He went well above and beyond what was expected and was fair with his billing as well. – J.K

We just wanted to mention how great you are with your clients. You make us feel like you have the time in the world for us. You take your time to explain everything and you are compassionate towards our situation. You’re great at your job. Thanks again. – M.B.

This firm was amazing. I never once felt like a client I always felt like family. I was never rushed and things were explained to me as many times as I needed it to be without any problems. Jen was amazing she checked in with me often and if I had any problems at all I just called her and it was solved right away, I never had to wait or call again. I was informed all the way through the settlement case.

I especially appreciate the attention that Jen gave to me and my family making sure that we were always taken care of. I was very pleased with the outcome and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this phone especially in Stauffer and Jen – A.D.

I am very satisfied with this firm and the work done on my behalf.  Ian and his staff got to know me and catered to my needs. I did not feel like “just another case”. A very satisfactory outcome. Highly recommended. – V.C.

Lesly Joseph and Tara Renaud are very professional and quick to answer questions in a competent and efficient manner. They took the time to re-assure me and guide me through the process of my case. They also made sure I received reminders of the next steps and of what is required in order to keep my case ongoing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance – R.F.

This firm is top quality in the city – and I’m saying this because everyone has a bad lawyer experience and love to complain about lawyers… – T.C.

We are very thankful for the professional knowledgeable and informative service we received from Susan Mitchell and her team. Having initially decided to approach Tierney Stauffer based on the positive reviews we read, we reached out and engaged their services and were not disappointed. Thank you very much. – A.H. and M.H.