During or prior to your first appointment, we will review our billing policies with you and we may require a retainer in order to begin work. This is dependent on the type of file.

A retainer is a form of deposit which is placed in our trust account. The retainer will only be applied to your file following your review and approval of the statement of account. The amount of retainer required is, again, dependent on the type of file.

As your file progresses, and work is completed, we will incur charges (disbursements) on your behalf. These disbursements will be billed to you as well as the legal fees incurred. Please note, we are required to charge HST on fees and most of the disbursements.

We accept cheques, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX for your convenience.


Any time spent working on the file by all lawyers, articling students and law clerks is recorded. Docketing of time includes conferences with you, conferences among individuals in our office working on your file, telephone calls, correspondence, emails and any travel time which might be necessary.


For certain routine work (real estate transactions, routine wills, incorporations and other similar matters) you will be quoted a block fee.


On certain files, Tierney Stauffer will enter into a Contingency Fee Agreement where our fees will consist of a percentage of the amount recovered on behalf of the client. If nothing is settled or recovered, you will not have to pay legal fees. But, you are required to pay the disbursements incurred.

If your case settles, the legal fees will be a percentage of the amount recovered. The percentage will be discussed with the lawyer at the beginning of your case.

Contingency fees are used in certain civil litigation cases such as personal injury, wrongful death and medical and professional malpractice.

Tierney Stauffer is committed to providing the best legal expertise to every client. If you have any questions about our fees, rates or the overall invoicing process, please contact us for further information.

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